Shalom Hebrew App Reviews

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This game is good but it won’t let me pass level 5 and it wont let you past level 1 in the games. The letter practice is glitchy and some times wont let you pass. Sometimes it crashes. I really wish they would fix these problems so I can use it for school!

So great!

This app has really helped kickstart my journey to learn Hebrew! It’s both effective and fun! My only complaint is that most of the lesson audio plays through the phone ear speaker, rather than through the speaker at the bottom (which would be much easier to hear). It sounds fine with headphones, but when I don’t have them handy it is nearly impossible to hear the lessons (thus only 4 stars). Otherwise, I’ve really enjoyed using the app!

Lesson 6+????

Completed to lesson 5. Lesson 6 won't unlock. Games are very meh. Lessons are ok. I like it having an adult mode.

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